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Master English Conjugations

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8 Conjugation Charts to learn English.

These English cheatsheets will learn you to conjugate the English verbs in the 7 essential tenses.

In every language there is pattern or a rule to follow to conjugate the verbs correctly.

⭐ This PDF helps to visualize the conjugation pattern and teach you the essential tenses used in every day conversations in English.

The first conjugation chart will give you an overview of the steps to take and the rules to take into account when you want to conjugate in English. It will give you rules, exceptions and verbs to practice with.

The other charts will go tense by tense showing the regular strong and weak verbs as well as the irregular verbs in English.

Tenses included are:

- Present tense

- Past tense

- Future tense

- Conditional

- Present perfect

- Past perfect

- Present continuous

Are you not learning but teaching English? This would be a great worksheet to use in your course to teach your students the basics of English conjugations.

You will get a PDF (197KB) file