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Master Portuguese Conjugations

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Master Portuguese verbs and conjugations - 10 Portuguese conjugation charts.

To learn the Portuguese language it is essential to learn the right verbs and tenses.

The Portuguese language exists of 18 tenses.

However, you don't have to learn all tenses to be able to speak fluently.

We have mapped out the essential verbs and tenses you need to learn to be able to obtain an advanced level.

We select the necessities and focus on learning them fast and efficiently with these visual conjugation charts.

Portuguese conjugation blue print

To obtain an intermediate level in Portuguese it is essential you learn other tenses aside from the present tense.

The Portuguese conjugation blueprint will teach you 7 essential tenses you need to learn with small tricks to be able to speak fluently in the most used present, past and future tenses.

Followed by the Portuguese conjugation blueprint are 9 other conjugation charts with the most commonly used tenses of the Portuguese language containing the most used verbs.

The tenses included in the digital set are:

- Present indicative

- Imperfect indicative

- Simple Pluperfect indicative

- Preterite Indicative

- Future indicative

- Present Perfect indicative

- Pluperfect indicative

- Conditional

- Present continuous

This set of PDF's is ready to:

- Save on any device you have, to learn on the go

- Ready to print at home on A4 or International paper

- Get printed on any poster size at a (online) printshop.

You will get a PDF (282KB) file